Manuel Tinnemans

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favorite part of Saving Private Ryan.

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Gabriel (The Dream of Annunciation I), 2013

Acrylics and shell gold on paper mounted on masonite, 73 x 31 cm


A compilation of Edward Gorey and his rather gothic poems and illustrations. 

Check out his dark children alaphabet illustrations

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Fig. : Lucifer et deux diables. 

Sensuyt le testament de lucifer. 

below;  une hydre, un hérisson et une hirondelle.

 Exemple de larondelle, du herisson et de lydre. 

Source; Illustrations de Les Menus propos by 

Gabriel Salmon, Dessinateur

Pierre Gringore, Author (1475?-1538?). 



Hans Holbein the Younger, Dance of Death, 1538  

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ceorfaex asked: bone throne

You mean my recliner upstairs? what people dont get is, its about the skulls and limbs for comfort, while the spine is actually best placed as the legs of the chair itself. Iron throne aint got shit on me son.

mountainstwin asked: I've always pictured an extremely large snake tattoo winding it's way from around one of your legs across your back and over one of your shoulders. Woodcut style of course. Maybe with it's mouth wide open and it's fangs bared across your neck.

this answers my self asked question of what i would do with butt tattoos

If you had to suggest a tattoo for me based on what you know of me from my blog, what would it be?

come on folks, im genuinely curious.

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